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Why V & V Staffing LLC?

V & V Staffing LLC was founded in 2017 to serve the construction and commercial industries staffing needs throughout the state of Texas. Our process of vetting candidates is unique and designed to find the best talent for every skillset. V & V Staffing LLC does not rely on resumes alone - we ensure check references and look for proof of quality talent.

We understand the importance of finding quality labor and talent for our clients. Your company can depend on V & V Staffing for immediate and excellent services from finding you the right candidates to taking care of all the paperwork that each employee needs. Our goal with each of our customers is to build a relationship and meet your employee standards.

V & V Staffing is your go-to staffing agency in Texas for construction and commercial projects needing top-notch laborers for short-term or long-term projects. By outsourcing the hiring process to V & V Staffing, you will be able to focus on what you do best and regain the time of searching.

We care about our people

V & V Staffing LLC values people and their trades. We stand behind our candidates and value each of their skillsets. Our goal is to match the right person for the right job while keeping both our client and candidates satisfied.

We strive to bring you the best value when looking for new employees. We can help you find temporary labor, temp-to-hires, or direct hires.

Specializing in Electricians

V & V Staffing LLC has over 10 years experience working with electricians in many different industries. We can help your organization find the right electrician for the job. From high voltage and inside wiremen to construction and industrial electricians, all of our candidates pass an extensive interview and skills evaluation process before we ever send them to your job site. 


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Finding quality people to hire in the construction industry can be challenging. We take the guesswork out your hiring decision by finding the right people for the right jobs. Contact us to start your talent search with V & V Staffing LLC.

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